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About Us

A Wausau Tradition

The Farmers Market of Wausau near Oak Island Park on River Drive is a Saturday and Wednesday tradition in Wausau, Wisconsin. The market is open annually starting in early May and runs until late fall (normally mid-November depending on weather). The market is a non profit organization and consists of 50 members (Vendors). Vendors offer fresh and locally grown fruits and vegetables as well as baked goods, cheese and meat products.

Quality Products from Caring Producers

Vendors consist of local farmers, growers, bakers and producers who care about bringing fresh, high quality products to the Wausau community.

Environmentally Sustainable

At the market, you'll find the season's best bounty of fruits, flowers, baked goods, meats, vegetables, and other specialty products. It is also a great community gathering space and place to meet your farmer and learn how your food is produced. Purchasing locally grown, seasonal foods benefits the economy, environment, and our very well-being. 

Easy to Get To

Located at 200 River Drive in Wausau, the market is near Downtown Wausau, and just north of Oak Island Park. The market location is easily accessible by foot, bike or car.

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